1962 - 1976

1980 - 1985

1999 - 2005

2005 - 2007

2010 - 2017

2017 - 2019

  • 1962 – Founding of the Paper Mill, commissioning of the paper production with a design capacity of 15,000 tons per year.
  • 1966 – a paper bag production shop was built.
  • 1970 – for the first time in the USSR, the production of molded containers with a capacity of 140,000 thousand per year was started. The country, since 1973, completely refused to import these products.
  • 1976 – Zhitomir Paper Mill began shipping molded egg trays to Germany (former DDR), Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Cuba.
  •  1980 – the factory along with other large enterprises took part in the preparation of the city for the Olympics. Thanks to the factory in the city, a trolleybus line for workers was electrified.
  • 1981-1985 – the factory took 9 times the top places in the socialist competition of industrial enterprises of “Ukoopsoyuz” with the award of certificates of appreciation, the announcement of gratitude, cash prizes. It was one of the leading enterprises of the region.
  • 1999-2001 – this was the most difficult period in the history of the factory – the markets were stopped, the products were not produced. This was due to the destruction of markets in connection with the “restructuring”, rising energy prices. As a result, it turned out that “not working became better than working” and the factory stopped.
  • Foreign entrepreneurs tried to buy the factory, but unfortunately their attempts were not crowned with success.
  • 2005 – with the advent of new owners, the revival of the enterprise began: the purchase of new modern equipment was made; Works on the restoration and restoration of workshops. And in February 2005, released the first trays for eggs/
  • October – a paper workshop began to produce paper and cardboard for flat layers and paper for corrugating..
  • LLC “ZCF” has reached a new level of development. A strong team was created with qualified staff with work experience, balanced production facilities and solid investment opportunities.
  • The consistent implementation of long-term programs for the development of the company’s main links and the commissioning of new equipment began.
  • In 2017, the staff of the company consisted of 650 employees.
  • LLC “ZCF” bought the French project together with the technology and mastered the production of absolutely new types of goods packaging for Ukraine: trays for fruits, vegetables, berries, as well as seals for wine bottles.
  • Each year, LLC “ZCF” introduces new products to the market that meet European quality standards and expands its sales markets. Today, the number of customers and partners worldwide includes more than 35 countries.
  • In 2019, the number of employees of the plant increased to 750 people.


ІSО 9001:2015

Quality Management System

Certification body:


Certificate number:


Valid until:


FSSC 22000, version 5.1

Food Safety System Certification 22000 FSSC 22000, version 5.1

Certification body:


Certificate number:


Valid until:


ISO 14001:2015

Environmental protection management system

Certification body:


Certificate number:


Valid until:


FSC-STD-40-004 (V3-1)


Certification body:

International non-profit organization Preferred by Nature F.M.B.A., Denmark

Certificate number:

NC-COC-032109, FSC trademark license code FSC-C142715

Valid until:


Interesting Facts

240 million
units of molded packaging per year.

The number of products produced by the workshop of molded products per year/

75 thousand
tons of paper per year.

The number of products paper workshop for the year.

24 million
square meters. corrugated products per year.

Number of products produced by the Corrugated Packaging workshop per year.

90 thousand
tons of waste paper purchase per year.

The amount of purchased waste paper per year.

35 countries of Europe and the Middle East cooperate with Us.

The number of customers worldwide.

25 thousand
square meters. industrial storage facilities

Production capacity.

About us

Mission and philosophy

To help manufacturers to abandon the use of plastic and to enter international markets with products packaged according to the highest European standards, thereby positioning themselves adequately among competitors.

Mission and philosophy

Our philosophy is environmental thinking at all stages of production: from calling a customer to signing a contract; from the purchase of raw materials to the finished product; from the attitude towards employees to the attitude towards the environment.

Environmental thinking

In every area of the manufacturing process

 Environmentally friendly raw materials


– to create an environmentally friendly product, we choose safe raw materials;

– raw materials undergo a detailed quality check, as well as cleaning before use in production.

– the use of such raw materials saves forests and the environment;

Manufacturing process


– our products meet European quality standards in accordance with ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000, FCS certificates;

– thanks to the safety control of all processes, we completely exclude toxic wastes;

– we use unique innovative technologies for the production of unique products;

Product safety and certification


– at all stages of production, we provide 100% quality control (from raw materials to finished products);

– our products after use can be used as raw materials.

Internal social responsibility


– we work with professionals and provide them with comfortable working and living conditions;

– we encourage and reward the initiative;

– we are interested in the professional growth of our employees, we provide them with training, internships;

– one of our main tasks is to work with the whole team for the result.

External social responsibility


– we are open to productive interaction in different areas

– we cooperate with educational institutions, other enterprises in the development of the Zhitomir region;

– together with partners and business colleagues we take part in charity.

HR policy


– thanks to the expansion of production, we provide new jobs with decent wages;

– we invite to cooperation specialists from all over Ukraine and Europe;

– we work only within the framework of the Labor Code of Ukraine, providing employees with all social guarantees.

Cooperation with partners and customers


– we enable our customers to develop and receive additional benefits from cooperating with us;

– we are as flexible as possible with each client and we can satisfy the most diverse needs.

Market positioning


– our products are indispensable in the policy of avoiding plastic;

– we help the end consumer to choose a high-quality and safe product for him.