Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory Opens Doors to Production Secrets for Students

2 November 2023

Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory Opens Doors to Production Secrets for Students

Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory is not just a company engaged in the production and processing of raw materials. It is also a place where we enhance and shape our collective future through education and collaboration with youth. We believe in the importance of openness and education, and one of our initiatives is open doors for the future – annual tours for Zhytomyr school students. It’s not just a journey into the world of production but an unforgettable experience that broadens horizons and inspires.

ZKK and Environmental Education

We understand that today’s children are the future of our country, which is why we focus our efforts on nurturing an environmentally conscious generation. During our tours, we educate children about the importance of recycling and how our production processes contribute to preserving nature.

When school students visit our plant, they have the opportunity to touch the history of Zhytomyr Cardboard Plant and learn how we contribute to nature conservation. They don’t just hear theory; they see our processes in action. During the tours, they explore the production areas and study all aspects of our manufacturing. This makes education engaging and dynamic, while also developing critical thinking and awareness.

Zhytomyr Cardboard Plant welcomes students and their teachers on tours, providing the opportunity to combine learning with an enjoyable experience. Our tours enrich children, inspire them, and deepen their knowledge of environmental significance and production.

The Plant and the Future

Our team of professionals is our greatest competitive advantage. This is where talented individuals work together and develop, creating high-quality products. Tours for school students are an opportunity to introduce children to the strong and ambitious team behind our enterprise and inspire them for the future.

The plant proudly opens its doors to Zhytomyr students, contributing to their intellectual development and stimulating their interest in ecology and production. We believe that investing in youth education is an investment in the future.